Dr. Muhammad Mirza 

Times When It’s Right to Get Botox with Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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Dr. Muhammed Mirza

Times When It’s Right to Get Botox with Dr. Muhammad Mirza


Dr. Muhammad Mirza - Before and After

Dr. Muhammad Mirza – Before and After

Botox is becoming increasingly more popular but not everyone is aware of the correct time to get it. Dr. Muhammad Mirza wants to change that.


Minimally invasive, injectable beauty treatments are becoming more normal every year. Whereas cosmetic surgery and the accompanying treatments used to be somewhat taboo. The fact that over 7 million such procedures are now performed every year – and the number is indeed growing – is a testament to how mainstream such procedures have become. However, many people are unsure when exactly the correct time is to get botox and, as such, either leave it too late or too early. With the help of Dr. Muhammad Mirza, a cosmetic surgeon with over years of experience in the field, we’re going to take a look at when the correct time to get cosmetic surgery is.


In your 20s


“Many people in their 20s think that now is the time to get Botox treatments.” Dr. Muhammad Mirza says. “While this could be true to a certain degree. Refrain from Botox if you have large lines around your mouth or eyes.” Most lines that begin to form when you laugh or smile will smooth out when your face is at rest. However, if those lines begin to form even when your muscles are relaxed then it’s advised that you begin to treat them. There is, however, a benefit to starting Botox earlier rather than later since it prevents the muscle from moving, thereby reducing the likelihood that a wrinkle will take hold.


In your 30s


“In your 30s you’ll most likely have been exposed to a fair amount of sun damage.” Dr. Muhammad Mirza says. Your skin will lose its elasticity from normal day to day life. It’s at this time that many people opt for their first Botox treatment. By freezing the muscles at this point you’ll be lessening their mobility. Thus reducing the number of wrinkles that can develop.


In your 40s – Dr. Muhammad Mirza 


According to Dr. Muhammad Mirza, this is the most appropriate age to start seeking Botox treatments. It’s the age when many men and women will start seeing noticeable effects on how their skin looks. It’s at this point that Botox treatments will be most effective in providing a smoother, more youthful look.